Dilemme, quand le budget devient un jeu !

What is Dilemme®

Dilemme is the innovative budget and financial education programme that everyone can play

  • Encouraging dialogue and exchange on the subject of personal finances 

  • Promoting intelligent, responsible consumerism 

  • Improving citizens' financial and budgetary skills, helping them to: 

  • Know their rights and responsibilities, so they'll be better equipped to choose banking and insurance products 

  • Live healthy and balanced lives 

  • Avoid spiralling debt 

  • Find alternatives and solutions in case of financial difficulties 

  • Improve their employability and skillsets 

  • Demystify the role of banks and insurance companies


The primary objective of the Dilemme® program is to help build a better society filled with independent, responsible citizens.

The Dilemme range

Dilemme® Education


Large-format board game with pedagogical support application 

How it works

 Ideal for groups of 6 - 16 players, Dilemme is a board game where each turn represents 1 month. Players are grouped into teams of 2-4. Each team has to work together to take charge of a collection of predefined charges in a budgetary table, save money to finance a medium-term project (picked at random before the game), and collect 10 "Fun Points" representing time spent on leisure activities and cultural experiences. Players face temptations, surprises, tough choices and theoretical questions as they make their way around the board by car, bus, bike or metro. 

 Target audience

 Ages 14 - 129



  • Programs last a year or several years, and feature workshops led by CRÉSUS professionals. 
  • Purchase of the game includes training for games leaders, enabling them to hold their own independent DIlemme gaming sessions

Dilemme® Anim App


Mobile application (for Android and Apple phones and tablets)

How it works

The Dilemme® Anim App allows users to generate game cards according to criteria selected by the game leader (duration, audience, themes, etc.) It acts as a replacement for physical game cards, providing a hybrid activity resource between a board and an application.


The Dilemme® Anim App allows users to prepare their gaming session beforehand, putting extra detail into the cards with the help of integrated pedagogical support.

Every game leader can also access in-app services using the personal QR Code

With both local and online modes, the Dilemme App can be used with or without an internet connection.

Dilemme® Junior


Tablet (Android & Apple)

How it works

The kids playing the game will have to make a series of choices as they try to organise the best birthday party ever. The players must organise the party within a predefined budget, aiming to complete the project without compromising the quality of the event by spending excessively. The various stages are intermingled with mini-games (involving both skill and problem solving) that allow the players to increase or decrease the initial budget.

Target audience

Children aged 7-8, early primary school classes


Free download


  • Showing children that money is not unlimited, but earned and spent
  • Engaging reading skills, simple mental arithmetic, strategy and planning
  • Makes children aware of healthy eating, helping each other and working in unison

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Quand le budget

devient un jeu

Dilemme®, en partenariat avec :

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CRÉSUSAgrée Éducation Nationale

Dilemme® est un programme développé par l'association pour la Fondation CRÉSUS®, association agréée au titre des associations éducatives complémentaires de l’enseignement public. CRÉSUS est organisme de formation et a reçu la certification Datadock.