Dilemme, quand le budget devient un jeu !

Dilemme® Education

Dilemme® aims to provide a fun way to train and educate people about issues relating to budget management, the risks and advantages of various types of payment, and how banks, insurance and credit companies operate. This is achieved in a context of exchange, inclusion and individual and collective responsibility.

The primary objective of the Dilemme® program is to help build a better society filled with independent, responsible citizens.

Pedagogical Range

Want to find out more about our pedagogical tools and how our sessions work? Get in touch and we'll provide an offer that's adapted to your needs.

Les leviers pédagogiques de Dilemme Education

Using innovative and dynamic pedagogical methods, Dilemme offers a form of learning based on constant back-and-forth between theory and practical experimentation. The tools allow every user, regardless of life experience, level of education or chosen learning method, to gain practical knowledge and awaken their understanding, and to ask themselves new questions on a personal, collective or philosophical level regarding consumerism, marketing methods, unity and the choices we make as a society. 

Dilemme is a presentation tool allowing users to approach a broad range of thematic topics with all kinds of audiences, and to design sessions around the needs of each group. 

Beyond its pedagogical impact, the use of a fun, dynamic method incorporating a process of detachment and identification (role playing) creates a highly productive atmosphere for exchange and debate, where the absence of taboo and judgment makes it possible for users to really speak freely about money and finance. 

Areas of Learning

Players will have the chance to learn and share their knowledge and experiences in relation to the following topics:

  • Active Budget Management

    fixed / current / occasional charges, estimations, account arbitration / immediate consumption / precautions, possible areas for making savings (energy savings, for example)

  • Understanding our social environments

    How things work: Banks (vocabulary, payment methods, banking fees, savings products, credit) / Insurance (vocabulary, civil responsibility, additional insurance, risks of not being insured) / Taxes (types, social function, monthly payments) / Rights and responsibilities of stakeholders

  • Individual and Collective Responsibility

    Energy savings, collaborative consumption, social, environmental and personal consequences arising from consumer choices, sharing various beneficial practices (relating to nutrition, transport, etc.) 

  • Transferable Skills

    mathematics, mental arithmetic, economic history, debate/persuasion / making decisions as a group


Application related : Dilemme® Anim'App

The Dilemme® Anim'App allows users to generate game cards according to criteria selected by the game leader (duration, audience, themes, etc.)

It acts as a replacement for physical game cards, providing a hybrid activity resource between a board game and an application. 

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Quand le budget

devient un jeu

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