Dilemme, quand le budget devient un jeu !

Dilemme for Kids

  • Showing children that money is not unlimited, but earned and spent

  • Engaging reading skills, simple mental arithmetic, strategy and planning

  • Makes children aware of healthy eating, helping each other and working in unison

How it works

The kids playing the game will have to make a series of choices as they try to organise the best birthday party ever. The players must organise the party within a predefined budget, aiming to complete the project without compromising the quality of the event by spending excessively. 
The various stages are intermingled with mini-games (involving both skill and problem solving) that allow the players to increase or decrease the initial budget.


    A great game for teaching kids about the value of money! 

  • Super Julie

    It's a well-designed, clever app to teach people how to manage a budget

  • Saji-rine

    Makes it fun to learn!

Dilemme Junior is a free app, available on the Apple Store

Dilemme Junior is a free app, available on the Apple Store

Download Dilemme Junior on your i Android tablet

Download Dilemme Junior on your Android tablet

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Quand le budget

devient un jeu

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